The Tools of Customer Value Management

Providing customers with good value, and doing so in ways that make good business sense, requires harnessing all of a business’s resources. The tools of customer value, which are embedded in Customer Value, Inc.'s Value-Strategy Toolkit™ Software, offer ways of organizing information to help understand the your market, simulate the impact of changes, and design effective implementation plans:

Value-Pricing chart

Get prices that capture the full worth of your product’s advantages

The Value Map

Evaluate how competitive your product is relative to competitors

Product-Appraisal table

Determine a fair price for your product

Importance-Performance Analysis

Understand where you need to improve, and where you need to change customer perceptions.

Attribute-score Comparison

Compare your performance on key buying factors to the competition.

Attribute-weight pie chart

Discuss customer needs with your key accounts


Understand the sources of your competitive strengths and weaknesses

Opportunities Priorities Chart

Identify improvement priorities that will be meaningful to customers

Who does what

Assign responsibility for value-improvement programs

Key-events Time Line

Track how key initiatives have affected business performance

Radar Chart

Identify the competitors who pose an actual or potential threat.

Product-market matrix

Define your served market.