The Comparative-Performance Scorecard

A fairly modest amount of data is required to assess the relative customer-perceived value of different brands. The table below, called the Comparative-Performance Scorecard, is all that is needed to begin analyzing customer value. Data on each product’s performance on key purchase criteria are typically some combination of product specs and evaluations, consensus expert judgments, market research and competitive intelligence. The customer's purchase criteria are frequently categorized into the following dimensions: product, customer service, relationship, and brand affinity. Typically different members of the management team are responsible for each of these dimensions. Improving the customer’s perception of the overall performance of your offer versus competing offers is thus the responsibility of a cross-functional business team (product development, management, and marketing; customer service and support, customer relationship & key account management; brand image and affinity building).

The above is a section of the data on selected laptop computers drawn from a 2008 product review. The data for five of the ten models analyzed are shown here. Below is a copy of the value map produced from these data for the ten models.