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"Earning Market-Share Gains & Price Premiums--via Value Mapping" (ISBM webinar notes Oct 2012)
"Products that cost less to use are worth more – how much?"
"Implementing Strategic B2B Pricing: Constructing Value Benchmarks" (published in 2012)
"Action Learning Workshops -- Getting Started with Customer Value Management"
"How CVI teaches Value-Based Pricing"
"How Much Is Your Product Really Worth?"
Value-Strategy Toolkit™ brochure
Value-Strategy Toolkit™ leasing information
"Resources for Building a Customer Value Analysis and Management Capability"

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Using competitive evaluations to improve our NPD process
Appraising products for Market-Value pricing
Segmenting markets and differentiating products
Improving product performance to stem market-share losses
Crafting fact-based value propositions
Focusing product marketing on comparative advantages
Selling the superior performance and worth of our premium products
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