Getting Started With Customer Value Management

To help get your Customer Value Management initiative off on the right foot, Customer Value, Inc. provides Product Strategy Consulting through an action-learning process. We help your team members develop a value strategy for their own product line (the Action part), and, in the process, teach them the skills that they can continue to apply (the Learning part). Mastering CVM techniques gives the team the continuing ability to react to new competitive developments in their business. The Action-Learning philosophy is to learn by doing.

In Action Learning, business team members participate in a series of workshops spaced over several months’ time. They use the principles of CVM to gather and analyze data on their own product lines (using CVI’s Value-Strategy Toolkit™ software), and develop their value proposition. They then formulate implementation plans for product development, operations changes, pricing, and product marketing communications to bring about the vision they have created. At the end of the process they have formulated and begun executing a plan for profitably improving customer value. They have also mastered techniques that they can use going forward to keep their products competitive.