Action Learning Workshops

CVI offers a choice of three two-day, in-company courses on applying Customer Value Management (CVM):

Workshop Focus
Market-Value Pricing and Product Appraisal Develop an appraiser's perspective on how much your product is worth. Use customer-desired attributes to compare the performance of you and competitors. Develop benchmarks for price based on your performance advantages and disadvantages relative to competitors and on the going rates for products in your category.
Competitive Evaluation of New-Product Concepts Evaluate the product's anticipated performance and position among incumbent players and likely entrants. Identify who the customers are and document their hierarchy of needs to evaluate the product's attractiveness to them. Target a price that will position the product on the price-performance envelope.
Customer Value Analysis for Growth and Profitability Understand product, service, and pricing issues that are keeping your business from achieving its potential. Identify and prioritize opportunities for improving the value that customers perceive in your product. Craft a winning value proposition that builds on your product's unique strengths. Set prices to capture the full value of your competitive advantages.

The Common Thread: A Customer-Value Perspective

Although each of the courses has a unique focus, they share a common core of content. In each, we teach participants how to align their people and product lines with customer needs -- to outperform competing offers on the key buying criteria that customers use when choosing a product. By differentiating their products and setting prices consistent with their product’s performance, participnts learn how to earn price premiums and build market share. Aimed at product managers, market managers, and pricing specialists.

Learning by Doing

Action Learning allows the participants to learn the CVM concepts in the process of analyzing their own products. Participants move toward excellence in their functional disciplines and gain insights for improving their product lines. The workshops typically accomodate between 5 and 25 participants. About a week before the workshop, the participants are assigned to teams. At the workshop, each team will be responsible for analyzing one of their company's products. In the prework period, they are encouraged to identify relevant documents that will help them compare the performance and prices of their product against competitors.

Software provides structure and analysis

Participants in the workshop use CVI's Value Strategy Toolkit software to organize their data and to generate the standard set of analyses. The availability of the software ensures that the process is systematic, repeatable, and intuitive. Companies have the option of leasing the software going forward after the workshop, although this is not required for applying the lessons learned.

More information about action learning for CVM can be found here.