Value Strategy Consulting

Customer Value, Inc. can help your business team rethink its product offer and formulate a strategy for building customer-perceived value. CVI’s process also teaches the management team critical skills for maintaining the business’s competitiveness over time.

Involving your business team in developing a competitive strategy

Customer Value, Inc. believes that formulating value-improvement strategies should be done by the business’s cross-functional product-line team. Excluding any members of the core team from this process would increase the chances that critical information will be overlooked, and lessens the probability that the organization will mobilize behind the chosen strategies.

There are skills to be learned in changing the way a line of business is to be positioned — skills that are best learned by actually doing a project with CVI coaching. After doing a project using the customer value management system, managers feel comfortable applying the tools that they have mastered to the steady stream of new challenges that always pop up in competitive markets. Value-Strategy Consulting provides both the strategies that the business needs today and the skills and tools management needs to keep the business competitive in the future.

Quantitative analysis plus creativity

Customer Value Management is a data-driven process. It involves comparing the performance of your product against those of your competitors using some combination of product specs and evaluations, consensus expert judgments, market research and competitive intelligence. The data need to be gathered, structured, and analyzed to understand the strengths and weaknesses of how the product performs on the customer's purchase criteria.  In value-strategy facilitation, Customer Value, Inc. works with the team to assemble the relevant data and, if necessary, to specify needed market research or customer listening sessions.

Formulating a value-improvement strategy requires a synthesis of quantitative analysis and creative inputs. The value-strategy consulting process gives business  unit leaders the opportunity to identify the small number of strategic programs that will have the biggest impact on value positioning. 
The value-strategy development process proceeds in a number of workshop stages over several months.  At the end of the process, the team has analyzed its current position, identified its desired value proposition, outlined the key programs it needs to bring about its vision, and detailed who must do what to make the programs happen.  The team members have also mastered skills that they will continue to apply to improve the business.

Value-Strategy Consulting Stages:  Inputs and Outputs