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Ingersoll Rand to host Spring 2007 meeting in Galway

The Spring 2007 meeting of the Customer Value network will be held in Galway, Ireland on on April 18-19, 2007. A preliminary agenda is available:

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Value-Strategy Toolkit™ Action-Learning Workshop -Thursday, April 19, 2007.

Run in conjunction with the Galway Network meeting, this hands-on session will show you how to use the latest version of the Value-Strategy Toolkit™ to:

• Appraise your product's true worth
• Combine customer-value data from different sources
• Understand, explain, communicate, and capture your product's added value

Who should attend? Current and potential Value-Strategy Toolkit™ users -- product or market managers, pricing managers, key account managers -- anyone who must resolve competitive marketing-strategy issues.

With the "register" link above, you can sign up for either the Network meeting, the DWR Workshop, or both.

About the Customer Value Network

The Customer Value Network provides a forum where practitioners can share information about implementing customer-value concepts in their companies. The CV Network meets twice a year in sessions hosted by one of the member companies.

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